Desert Hills Men's Golf Association

President's Message

Your Board of Directors for 2016 are as follows:

President: Dick McGlothlin
Vice President: Terry Hanson
Secretary: Bob Contreras
Treasurer: Gil Christoffersen
Handicap Chairman: Neely Cook
Tournament Chairman: Bruce Clark


Desert Hills Men’s Golf Association (DHMGA) is dedicated to promoting, organizing and conducting competitive golf events for our members at Desert Hills Golf Course. We also promote the activities of the Desert Hills Women’s Golf Association and the Arizona Junior Golf program.


We are chartered by the Arizona Golf Association, and currently have 175-200 members.  We are a non-profit club governed by a Constitution and By Laws, and exercised through a Board of Directors, elected annually by the membership.


DHMGA activities center around 11 scheduled one-day tournaments, and  one 2 day DHMGA Men’s Club Championship. We work with the course staff to maintain a current events calendar

Occasionally, the DHMGA may promote a trip to another course if a schedule conflict arises at DHGC.

Golf Handicap System

Our Club supports all golfers at Desert Hills by providing the means to access and maintain each golfer’s handicap through our KIOSK, located in the golf shop, which is linked to both the AGA and the Golf Handicap Information System(GHIN).  This system now enables members of other clubs throughout most of the United States to access and update their handicap record,  provided  their home club maintains their handicap through GHIN.  Should you have difficulty signing up, our Handicap Chairman, Neely Cook, would be happy to assist.  He can be reached by phone at (928)580-3929 or by email at

Applications for Membership

Membership fees are currently $40.00 per year (if paid by December 31) which includes the benefits of AGA membership and the ability to establish a handicap through GHIN.   Applications are easy!  Simply go to the AGA website,, and register as a first time user.  Follow the prompts.  New applications or renewals processed on or after January 1, 2014 will be charged $50.00.

AGA members who pay dues to the AGA through another local club may contact one of our officers and pay $15.00 to join our club.  Our Handicap Chairman, Neely Cook, stands ready to help you should you have any difficulty in registering on the website. 

How to Contact Us

You may email the Board directly to